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Exterior Ideas

Watch this clip from Garden Time TV (above) showing how Magical Water Fountains can be used as an interchangeable insert to a 39″ center diameter firepit for warm weather use, or as an alternative to a firepit.

Make your Fire Pit “moonlight” as a Water Fountain!

Now you can extend the usefulness of a fire pit, by making it both a lighted, musical water fountain and a fire pit for year round entertainment!

Many people want more out of their patio spaces that just an extension of their back porch. With a well thought out plan, you can get several uses out of a patio based on the season. Patio plans often contain fire pits, to use on cold weather nights. On a hot night, however, the fire is rarely lit.  Now, the same feature can double as a lighted, musical water fountain to add a unique entertainment feature for warm weather use.

Our fountains add the mesmerizing effects of changing water pressures, swiveling nozzles, and the surreal effect of LED lighting at night (all synchronized to the volume, beat and melody of the music). Choreographed musical water fountains offer the full range of fountain experiences from the subtle and classic sounds of water falling on water with bright white LED lights illuminating each water spout, to a full on Vegas-style multicolored light effect for those who want it.

All you need is a fire pit with a 39″ interior diameter, a 39″ fire bowl like the one shown below on the right, and one of our 39″ fountain inserts also shown below in the center.

The fountains are recirculating and do not need plumbing.  They only need access to power which can be brought in through an air hole in the side of the fire pit.



Run by a Windows-based laptop, notebook or tablet pc through Bluetooth wireless connections. Users have the choice of keeping the cost down by using their own Windows-based computers and wireless outdoor speakers, or buying them as dedicated units with the fountains.

Here are some ideas for places you might put an interchangeable fire pit and water fountain…