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Arizona Stacked Stone Model

Arizona Stacked Stone Model  $7,995.00


(pictures show day time lighting)

• 36’ diameter basin, 52″ diameter x 18″ high finished exterior.

• Circular carved concrete exterior, shown in Arizona Stacked Stone style
available in other styles to match your environment.

Click to see available carved concrete styles.

• PVC tub, with pump,

• Center mounted nozzle surrounded by a ring of white LEDs, with triple tier and bubble attachments,

• 12 motorized swiveling side nozzles with built in white LED lights,

• Multi-color LED light panel on the bottom of the basin,

• Splash Reduction Screen

• Two hardwired external rock style speakers and a 100-watt amp

• 10 inch Windows based Tablet  PC controller

• Bluetooth remote control; and

• Music & Choreography preloaded for 200 pre-selected songs.

• One year warranty

This model is available as an interchangeable water fountain and firepit