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Musical water fountains that bring the magic of choreographed water, music and lights to your backyard, garden, pool area, pond, deck, lobby, store front, restaurant or other public gathering place. Our Magical Water Fountains synchronize the effects of water heights, colored lights and side to side water motion with pre-choreographed music. Now you can have the magic of musical water fountains in an economical scale in the surrounding of your choice!

The lighted fountains create a calming yet dramatic backdrop enhancing the serenity of your yard. Music, water and lights create a subtle and soothing background. The fountains can also be unique attention-getting features. The standalone design comes in water fountain “plug and play” mode. All it takes is to put the fountain in place, add water and plug it in – and you are ready to go.

The computer, amplifier/speakers, music software and remote control all come with the system. Remote control is through Tablet PC and BlueTooth communication. and allows you to select songs or adjust the volume from up to 30 feet away, without wires! The water is continuously recirculated, so there is no need for a connected water source.

No contractors required for installation, no special plumbing. All you need is an extension cord and a nearby GFI electrical outlet.

The “Design Your Own” option allows you to select components for a plug & play ready system, and allows you to select and install an exterior to match your décor.

Our products are manufactured to your specifications and will be shipped to you in six to eight weeks.