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Musical Water Fountains

Musical Water Fountains provides you with a unique musical fountain experience similar to the large water shows found in Las Vegas, in your own home or backyard. With several styles of musical fountains, we provide you with the perfect product for your budget. Our custom fountains are unlike any musical fountain on the market today; producing a relaxing nonetheless dramatic scenery and enhancing the serenity of your home. Music, water and lights produce a delicate and soothing background. The fountains are distinctive and attention-getting. Easy to set up and requiring very little maintenance, you can have a fountain delivered in the afternoon, and the water feature will be dazzling in the evening.

All fountains come with a free mobile app, both android and iOS, that has choreographed songs for your enjoyment. The lights and water routines are synchronized to music, offering hundreds of classical, soft rock and Broadway tunes for you to enjoy. The App will control the fountains flow to the music and the music is played through the tablet speakers or connected Bluetooth speakers.

Motorized Musical FountainResin Fountains

The 3 Ring Resin Bowl Fountain is our introductory level fountain. Just add water to the system, plug the unit in, and begin to enjoy your new fountain. This nearly 4’ diameter fountain comes with a three ring, 43 nozzle design, white waterproof LED Lights and two interchangeable heads for different fountain experiences.

Our Motorized Resin Bowl Fountain is splendidly priced at $1,895. It’s a center mounted nozzle encircled by white LEDs, with triple tier and bubble attachments. The twelve motorized swiveling nozzles with inbuilt white LED lights are custom choreographed. Optional color LED flat panels will improved viewing and the color flat panel lights are synchronized with the music.

DIY Fountains

For the Do It Yourselfer’s we have a beautiful ready to assemble fountain. Our DIY Fountains allow you to design the facade of your fountain to match your backyard. These nearly foot and a half tall fountains are perfect for anyone who is looking for a standalone fountain that is completely unique.

Musical water fountains bring the magic of choreographed water, music and lights to your home.